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"MAIL-FROM" No Longer Valid - Clean-up Phase

ripe database news announcement

Starting from 11 July 2002 MAIL-FROM authentication scheme in the mntner object is not valid anymore.

On 19 August 2002 mntner objects containing MAIL-FROM authentication scheme will be automatically modified so that "auth:" attributes specifying this scheme are removed as being no longer valid. This is a specifying this scheme are removed as being no longer valid. This is a cosmetic change that has no impact on object protection and functionality of these mntners.

Please see the MD5 HOWTO for details about this process, and alternative authentication methods. If you have any more questions, please contact [email protected].

Note to owners of mntner objects containing only MAIL-FROM authentication scheme.

Starting from 11 July 2002 maintainers with only MAIL-FROM are locked. Objects maintained by these maintainers are still protected, but can not be updated.

During the cleanup phase which will happen on 19 August 2002 mntner objects with MAIL-FROM authentication _only_:

  1. Will be updated automatically in the following way: - a password will be auto generated and all MAIL-FROM "auth:" attributes will be replaced with one auth: MD5-PW $1$ <generated_string> - a mnt-by: attribute will be added referencing a protected mntner RIPE-MAIL-FROM-MNT. This will serve as a tag.

  2. A clear text password can be requested by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with the following in the subject line: MAIL-FROM:<mntner_name> without any spaces. The reply with the passphrase will be sent to contacts listed in "upd-to:" and admin-c's "e-mail:" of the mntner object.

  3. IMPORTANT: After that the mntner must be updated to remove the mnt-by: RIPE-MAIL-FROM-MNT attribute and to change the password.

  4. On 18 October 2002 the procedure will be reviewed and decision will be made about the mntner objects that still haven't been modified (i.e still reference the RIPE-MAIL-FROM-MNT mntner)