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New Instance of RIPE NCC Operated K-root Server Deployed in Athens, Greece

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27 April 2004 - A new mirror instance of the RIPE NCC operated K-root server went live in Athens, Greece on 26 April 2004. This node has been sponsored by the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) and is located at the Athens Internet Exchange.

The K-root server is one of the 13 DNS root servers that resolve lookups for domain names all over the world and form a critical part of the global Internet infrastructure. The K-root service is provided by a set of distributed mirror instances using IPv4 anycast. Each mirror instance announces the network in AS25152. A K-root mirror instance consists of a cluster of server machines running the NSD name server software.

Using anycast makes the root server system more resilient to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and improves the DNS response for local communities by providing shorter paths between clients and servers.

Information about this node and the general requirements and guidelines for expressions of interest for hosting a mirror instance of K-root can be found on the K-root website: