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IPv6 Assignment to the RIPE NCC

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Request to Arbiters

The RIPE NCC has requested to renew the currently assigned IPv6 2001:7fb::/32 prefix for Internet experiments.

2001:7fb::/32 was initially issued as an "Assignment for Internet Experiments to the RIPE NCC Information Services Department" in June 2007.

The IP Resource Analysts (IPRAs) involved in the evaluation of this request were Mike Petrusha and Elvis Velea.

The RIPE NCC procedures were followed and the request passed all the checks presented in the procedures:

  • Pre-checks - request sent by Erik Romijn (RIPE NCC Senior Software Engineer), with the approval of the Information Services (IS) Department Manager
  • Request form - all the details in the request form were cross-checked with the relevant RIPE Policies and RIPE NCC procedures and found to be correct.

The main points of the evaluation were:

  • 2001:7fb::/32 was initially issued as an "Assignments for Internet Experiments to the RIPE NCC Information Services Department" in June 2007. At that time, a /32 was the minimum size the RIPE NCC was issuing in IPv6.
  • The IS Department is continuing the activities that they requested the block for.
  • Currently, 37 non-contiguous /48 blocks are in use in this /32 for purposes described in the form.
  • The IS Department wishes to keep the current block to avoid renumbering and to keep performing the activities.
  • According to the current policy, "the resources will be issued on a temporary basis for a period of one year. Renewal of the resources registration is possible on receipt of a new request."
  • Also, according to the policy, "the policy goal of resource conservation is of reduced importance when resources are issued on a temporary basis."

The IPRAs' formal opinion on this is that, in accordance with the current policy, the assignment can be renewed for one year.

Arbitration Panel Decision

As ripe-476 requires, the pool of arbiters has to evaluate allocation/assignment requests for number resources to be used by the RIPE NCC.

All arbiters have reviewed the request by the RIPE NCC to extend the use of 2001:7fb::/32 for experimental purposes by another year. The request was reviewed for compliance with every section in chapter 6 of the IPv6 assignment and allocation policy. There was consensus among the arbiters that the request is consistent with the policy.

Following a question from the arbiters, the RIPE NCC has updated relevant web pages to specify that performed activities are for experimental purposes and to mention the duration of the experiment.

Based on the decision by the pool of arbiters, the RIPE NCC has renewed the assignment of the IPv6 prefix 2001:7fb::/32 for Internet experiments for one year, until 17 March 2012.