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Internet Number Community IANA Proposal Published and Submitted

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The proposal is available at:

This submission represents the culmination of discussions in each of the five Regional Internet Registry (RIR) communities, and around six weeks of intense work on the part of the CRISP team (made up of three representatives from each regional community) to consolidate the output from those discussions.

This process involved publishing two earlier drafts (1, 2) and incorporating feedback received from the community to produce a final proposal that represents a consensus position of the global Internet numbers community.

The key elements of the proposal are:

  • That the RIRs will establish a binding Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the IANA functions operator concerning provision of IANA services relating to the Internet number registries.
  • That ICANN will continue in its current role as IANA functions operator to ensure stability and continuity of IANA services, but with mechanisms in place for the Internet number community to change operator, should the need arise.
  • That a community-based Review Committee will be established to advise the RIRs on the performance of the IANA functions operator.
  • That all involved parties affirm that all relevant intellectual property rights (including trademarks, domain names and other rights) reside either in the public domain or, where appropriate, with the RIRs or another agreed entity.

Over the coming months, the ICG will work to consolidate proposals received from the three affected communities (numbers, names and protocol parameters), with the goal of producing a single proposal on IANA stewardship for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) by the June 2015. Feedback from the global community will be an important element of this process, and regular updates will be posted to the RIPE Cooperation Working Group mailing list.