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Internet Governance and the RIPE NCC: the Year Ahead

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Internet governance is an important area of resource investment for the RIPE NCC. This article looks at some of the major Internet discussions taking place in 2013, including:

  • What is the multi-stakeholder process?
  • Who pays for the Internet's infrastructure?
  • What role will governments have in Internet governance?

Under an over-arching goal of ensuring the informed development of public policy relating to the Internet, the RIPE NCC has a number of areas of priority over the coming 12 months. These are:

  • Increasing understanding of the benefits of Internet Exchange Points and local peering
  • Building more effective regional engagement on Internet governance issues
  • Engaging effectively with the ITU and its Member States on Internet governance

The RIPE NCC is eager to hear from all of our stakeholders, including the RIPE NCC membership and broader RIPE community, on what issues are important and how the RIPE NCC can most effectively represent its community. We facilitate this feedback through a range of forums and activities, including the RIPE Cooperation Working Group and RIPE NCC Regional Meetings.

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