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e-AGE International Conference on the Arab e-infrastructure

press release announcement


The e-AGE international conference brings together innovators, researchers, scientists, and academics to discuss regional issues on research and education networks.

At e-AGE19 this year, we took the opportunity to talk about our organisation and mandate to the global audience. We explained our main functions in the Middle East region such as providing support for the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination, offering services for the benefit of the Internet community at large, and increasing the deployment of IPv6 through various training and advisory programmes.

We also discussed the range of measurement tools and services we provide to support the operations of our members.

Dr. Yousef Torman, Managing Director of ASREN, said: “The e-AGE conference had established itself as an important venue for networking among experts and scientists. This is in line with ASREN’s bid to integrate the Arab e-infrastructure with the global environment. ASREN welcomes the partnership with the RIPE NCC as a strategic move that could expand both our roles in further developing Internet connectivity in the region. The RIPE NCC provides valuable support in our efforts to improve Internet connectivity for academic and education networks in the Arab region and move our cooperation to a higher level of coordination and integration”.

Chafic Chaya, Regional Communications Manager, commented: “This international conference was an ideal venue for us to network with a broad range of global experts and relevant stakeholders to exchange information and best practices in research and education networks in the Arab region and worldwide. During the event, we interacted with officials and representatives of higher education, scientific research and other e-Infrastructure stakeholders looking into reinforcing the contributions of the RIPE NCC to research and innovation as a mean of attaining our shared objectives and goals”.

You can also view this press release in Arabic.