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IANA Stewardship: Give Feedback on the Draft Proposal From the RIR Communities

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The draft is available online.

This document represents the first effort to bring together the outcomes of IANA stewardship discussions in the five RIR communities. It aligns closely with the principles agreed by the RIPE community:

  • It proposes a new contractual arrangement between the RIRs and ICANN for ICANN's continuing management of the IANA functions
  • It does not seek to change any of the existing global or regional policy development structures
  • It provides for review of the IANA operator's performance and compliance with contractual obligations

The draft also proposes forming a community-based Review Committee that would produce an annual, non-binding report on the performance of the IANA operator. This concept evolved from the Multistakeholder Oversight Numbers Council (MONC) that was originally proposed by the LACNIC community.

Community feedback is being sought on this draft proposal, with a deadline of Monday 5 January 2015. Feedback can be sent to the global NRO IANA Transfer mailing list, [email protected], or can be sent to the appropriate regional mailing lists. The RIPE CRISP representatives will be closely following discussions on the RIPE Cooperation Working Group mailing list, as well as the global discussion.

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