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Can You Help Us Do Better? The RIPE NCC Survey is Online

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Take part in the RIPE NCC Survey 2019 and help us to improve. This survey is run every three years by an independent third party to ensure your responses are anonymous and your privacy is maintained. The results of the survey are what will guide us and bring about changes and improvements to our services and activities in the years to come.

As with all our large-scale surveys, we’re giving away some great prizes for participants. This year, we’re giving away five iPads (one per week until the end of June) - the earlier you complete the survey the more chances you’ll have to win one!

This year, we made some changes that we hope will encourage people to get involved:

  • We shortened the survey (most people will take less than ten minutes);
  • We translated the survey into eight languages: Arabic, Farsi, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

Take ten minutes and help make a difference!