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Hans Petter Holen Appointed as the RIPE NCC's Managing Director

Over the last few months, the RIPE NCC Executive Board carried out an executive search with a hiring agency, Hagoort & Partners, to appoint a new Managing Director for the RIPE NCC. After interviewing several strong candidates, the Executive Board decided to appoint Hans Petter Holen for this position. In addition to doing really well in the recruitment process, the Executive Board believes that his experience, in both, his professional career, and his strong involvement with the RIPE community, makes him the best fit for this position.

Hans Petter Holen has been serving as the RIPE Chair since May 2014. The Executive Board wishes Hans Petter success in this role and is looking forward to working together to bring strong leadership and direction to the RIPE NCC for the years ahead.

Hans Petter said, “I am deeply honoured by this appointment as I have known the organisation for more than 25 years and have grown personally and professionally by being involved in the RIPE community working with the RIPE NCC. I am looking forward to exploring the RIPE NCC in a different light and using the knowledge I have gained over the years as RIPE Chair and in my professional career in the best interests of the RIPE NCC members and the technical community.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the Executive Board, RIPE NCC staff and the community to further improve the organisation. The RIPE NCC is the trusted RIR for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. We will work with the other RIRs to strengthen the global RIR system and ensure its accountability, transparency and resilience.

We must also work together in order to adapt to the changing environment. Trust in the RIPE NCC is directly affected by the accuracy of the registry and the service delivery to its members. We need to ensure the highest standards are maintained here. Our trust is also dependent on our ability to engage and strengthen our relationships with stakeholders from the industry, governments, law enforcement and society at large. We have an incredibly diverse membership, and addressing the needs of that membership is a challenge that I am excited to take on.

Regarding my position as RIPE Chair, I will withdraw my nomination for the RIPE Chair selection. I believe there are good candidates already nominated, and the community still has time to review and nominate candidates for the consideration of the Nominations Committee until the end of the month. I trust the NomCom to make a good choice for my successor.”

Hans Petter Holen will start his new position no later than 1 June.