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Gulf Internet Country Report Published


The latest RIPE NCC Internet Country Report is now available, this time focusing on eight countries in the Gulf region. The report provides an analysis of the current Internet market in the Gulf countries, their potential for future growth, and the technical and regulatory challenges they must overcome in order to further develop a healthy, thriving local Internet ecosystem.

This is the sixth in our series of country reports, which draw mainly on RIPE NCC data to provide insights for both technical communities as well as decision makers. We released the report ahead of the Roundtable Meeting for Governments (Middle East) that takes place on 15 December in order to help inform discussion, provide technical insight, and facilitate the exchange of best practices regarding Internet development in this part of the RIPE NCC's service region.

Please share the report with your colleagues and, if you want to discuss the findings, our External Relations team would be happy to hear from you.

You can download the full report and get the highlights on RIPE Labs.