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Daniel Karrenberg Recognised for 30 Years at the RIPE NCC


Today at the RIPE 84 meeting in Berlin, RIPE NCC Managing Director Hans Petter Holen thanked Daniel Karrenberg for thirty years at the RIPE NCC, coinciding with the organisation’s thirtieth anniversary.

After starting the RIPE community with Rob Blokzijl in 1989, Daniel went on to serve as the RIPE NCC's first managing director after helping to found the company in 1992. After passing the torch to Axel Pawlik in 1999, Daniel led our Research and Development efforts for a period and has been our Chief Scientist since 2000. 

To mark the occasion, Hans Petter presented Daniel with a plaque from staff that referenced Daniel's trademark closing slide during his time as managing director: "It is still fun!" 

You can see the slides Hans Petter presented for Daniel here