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Changes to the RIPE NCC Senior Management Team


From today, 10 June 2013, Kaveh Ranjbar will join the RIPE NCC's Senior Management Team as Head of the Science Division.

This change will see Daniel Karrenberg step down from his role as Head of the Science Division, although he will remain at the RIPE NCC as Advisor to the Managing Director.

As one of the pioneers of the Internet in Europe and someone who is responsible for developing many of the services the RIPE NCC currently offers, the RIPE NCC is happy that Daniel has agreed to remain at the RIPE NCC in this capacity. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge that will continue to benefit the RIPE NCC in the years to come.

Daniel agreed to accept operational charge of the Science Division on the condition that it would be a temporary position, and he remained in the role much longer than he expected to. This allowed the RIPE NCC to prepare well in advance for this change to the senior management structure.

The RIPE NCC gives sincere thanks to Daniel for the work he has carried out over the past years.

Kaveh has worked as the RIPE Database Manager at the RIPE NCC since 2010. Kaveh was instrumental in developing the RIPE Database from legacy software to a modern integrated system, and he has many years' experience working in the telecoms/ISP sector. Kaveh will build on Daniel's work to develop the Science Division at the RIPE NCC.