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Call for Charging Scheme Task Force 2024

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To improve the Charging Scheme process and to get broader input on a future Charging Scheme model, the Executive Board has decided to create a task force that represents different groups within the RIPE NCC organisation and membership.

The Task Force will have the following objectives:

  • Define the principles of a future Charging Scheme
  • Propose an improved process for the annual Charging Scheme discussions and adoption

The Task Force will not discuss the RIPE NCC Budget or set any actual fees or prices.

The RIPE NCC Executive Board invites members to volunteer to serve on the task force. Approximately ten volunteers will be selected, reflecting the diverse range of experience, background, organisation type, nationalities and expertise that exists in our membership.

The Board will take the principles and recommendations from the task force into account when proposing a new charging scheme model for members to vote on at a General Meeting.

The deadline to volunteer is 19 July 2024, and applications can be submitted via our online form.