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Board Resolution to Temporarily Suspend IPv4 Waiting List Applications

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At its meeting on 21 April 2023, the RIPE NCC Executive Board resolved to suspend the ability of RIPE NCC members to submit new applications to the IPv4 waiting list until further notice. This does not affect any existing requests that have already been submitted to the waiting list. This resolution can be found in the draft minutes of the 166th RIPE NCC Executive Board Meeting, which are now published.

The board made this resolution in light of the upcoming membership vote on charging scheme models that will take place at the RIPE NCC General Meeting from 24-26 May 2023. This is because the adoption of a category-based model (Model A) could create a rush to submit new applications. It was therefore decided to prevent new applications until a full analysis could be carried out and potentially a discussion held with the community. We believe that such a discussion is worth having irrespective of which model is chosen.

We will begin accepting applications to the waiting list again once a new Board resolution has been passed to allow this.