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Board Resolution to Suspend Creation of Multiple LIR Accounts

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The draft minutes of the 103rd Executive Board Meeting are now available.

The board made the resolution following discussion at the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM), where a participant pointed out that the ability for a member to create multiple LIR accounts might not be in accordance with RIPE policy. The board resolution comes into immediate effect in order to prevent members rapidly accruing LIR accounts in light of the GM discussions.

The resolution does not include the acquisition of additional LIR accounts due to changes in two RIPE NCC members' business structures (e.g. merger or acquisition between two organisations that are RIPE NCC members).

For the next GM, the board plans to add an agenda item on this topic for deliberation and will put forward a formal resolution for the members to vote on.

The board may revisit its decision on this matter at any time in accordance with the discussions, and no later than at the first Executive Board Meeting after the next General Meeting.

The board would like the membership to discuss this matter on the members-discuss mailing list before revisiting its decision.