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Assignment of IPv6 PI to the RIPE NCC

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In line with the procedure set out in RIPE Document ripe-476 - Allocating/Assigning Resources to the RIPE NCC,- the RIPE NCC asked to assign an IPv6 PI assignment to itself for their infrastructure.

The IP Resource Analysts involved in the evaluation of this request were Elvis Velea and Alex le Heux.

The RIPE NCC procedures were followed and the request passed all the checks presented in the procedures:

  • Pre-checks - request sent by Ben O'Hara - RIPE NCC Systems Engineer with the approval of the IT Department Manager
  • Request form - all the details in the request form were cross-checked with the relevant RIPE policies and RIPE NCC procedures and found to be correct.

The main points of the evaluation were:

  • Request was for a minimum size of /48;
  • No sub-assignments will be made because the RIPE NCC has no "End Users";
  • The main usage of the assignment will be for the RIPE NCC's internal network; detailed diagram presented in the request form
  • The network will be multi-homed having at least 60 peers initially.
  • The /42 currently used from Surfnet will be returned within six months
  • The RIPE NCC IPRAs only commented on the duration of the renumbering but do understand that such migrations can take longer than the three months recommended by the community.

The IPRAs formal opinion is that this request is consistent with current
RIPE policies and all other assignment/allocation guidelines and that a
/48 PI should be assigned.

Arbitration panel decision on IPv6 PI assignment to the RIPE NCC Based on RIPE Document ripe-476, Allocating/Assigning Resources to the RIPE NCC", the arbiters have reviewed the PI-IPv6 request made by the RIPE NCC and the analysis provided by the IPRA analysts.

The arbiters observe that the RIPE NCC request mentions that the RIPE NCC will return 2001:610:240::/42 to Surfnet appreciating the fact that this is probably the first IPv6 request where IPv6 address space that is in use will be returned.

The arbiters approve the request taking into account the following

  • The arbiters believe that an assignment of address space should be granted because the RIPE NCC's internal network has to be IPv6 enabled and independent from any LIR's allocation.
  • It has been shown, through (demonstrated) operational arguments, that the assigned address space will be used on a regular basis and will be multihomed.
  • The relevant formal and technical requirements are met.

The decision of the arbiters is unanimous.