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IANA Stewardship Transition Completed

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On 1 October 2016, the IANA functions contract that the United States Government had with ICANN was allowed to expire. This represents the final step in the community-led IANA stewardship transition process that began in 2014. Oversight of IANA is now the responsibility of the Names, Numbers and Protocol Parameters communities that rely on its services.

The five Regional Internet Registries have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place with IANA that defines our expectations moving forward. A community-selected IANA Numbering Services Review Committee will assist the NRO Executive Council when it conducts periodic reviews of IANA's services. Aside from this, our work with IANA will be unchanged and members will not see any operational difference.

We would like to thank everyone from the RIPE community who participated in this process — whether by sharing their views at RIPE Meetings or on the various mailing lists, or participating more directly within the CRISP, CCWG-Accountability and ICG groups. The ability of the five RIR communities to organise and contribute effectively to this global effort was a demonstration of the strength of our open, transparent and bottom-up approach.

Since 2014, the RIPE NCC has maintained an archive of key documents and announcements relating to the IANA stewardship transition.