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RIPE NCC Receives IPv6 Allocation from IANA

The RIPE NCC received the following IPv6 allocation from IANA on 13 March 2019:


In 2004, IANA reserved this block for possible future allocation to the RIPE NCC. We requested this specific prefix because it completes a block previously allocated to the RIPE NCC:

2001:2000::/20    RIPE NCC    2004-05-04    ALLOCATED
2001:3000::/21    RIPE NCC    2004-05-04    ALLOCATED
2001:3800::/22    RIPE NCC    2004-05-04    ALLOCATED
2001:3c00::/22    RIPE NCC    2019-03-12    ALLOCATED
2001:4000::/23    RIPE NCC    2004-06-11    ALLOCATED

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