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RIPE Community Selects CRISP Team Members

Following an open call for community volunteers, the RIPE Chair, Hans Petter Holen, has confirmed the appointment of two individuals from the RIPE community to the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship (CRISP) team.

Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Outreach & Communications at Netnod, and Andrei Robachevsky, Technology Programme Manager at the Internet Society will join Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC Director of External Relations, as the three CRISP representatives from this service region.

The CRISP team will develop a single, consolidated proposal on behalf of the Internet numbering community for the future stewardship of the IANA functions. This work will be based on the output of discussions in the five RIR communities. Each community will select two community members and one RIR staff member by 15 November to participate in the CRISP team.

All of the CRISP team's work will be done transparently, via a public mailing list: ianaxfer _at_ nro _dot_ net. Subscription options and public archives of this list are available at:

More information on the CRISP team is available on the NRO website.