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Paul Rendek Leaving the RIPE NCC

Paul Rendek, our Director of External Relations, will be parting ways with the RIPE NCC at the end of February.

Paul has dedicated over 20 years of his working life to the RIPE NCC and
the RIPE community, with his influence extending to many areas of the
Internet ecosystem. He is a trailblazer in the Internet governance
world, establishing links between and among technical communities,
business, governments, law enforcement and developing regions of the
Internet world.

He established the RIPE NCC's Dubai office and presence in Moscow and
was instrumental in ensuring the inclusion and involvement of
stakeholders from the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus
in wider Internet discussions and developments.

His work to engage with all stakeholders has been matched by an ability to
ensure we always had a seat at the table and were able to work for the
good of the Internet on the biggest stages. All of this he has done with
incredible energy, intelligence and a wicked sense of humour.
Fortunately for us, he plans to remain working within the Internet
community as a consultant and I am sure he will bring the same energy
and dedication to his future endeavours.

Our External Relations Manager Chris Buckridge will carry on Paul's work
in an acting capacity as we work to determine how best to develop our
engagement strategy for the future. We have every confidence that the team Paul has built will be able to continue the great work that he started many years

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