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97th Executive Board Meeting - Summary Notes and Minutes

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The draft minutes of this meeting are now available:

The Executive Board publishes the minutes of its meetings so that the workings of the Board and the decisions it makes are transparent for the membership that it represents.

The following is a summary of the main items from the meeting. Further details are available in the minutes:

  • The Board approved several documents: the RIPE NCC Data Protection Report, the RIPE Database Acceptable Use Policy, the IPv4 Transfer Listing Service Terms and Conditions, and the updated Closure Procedure.
  • The Board agreed to publish its opinion regarding the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme model for 2016 on the RIPE NCC Members Discuss mailing list in order to provide opportunity for discussion prior to the GM in May 2015.
  • The Board resolved that members sending notice of termination in October, November or December can have their Standard Service Agreement (SSA) terminated before the end of the year and the annual contribution for the following year shall not be due. RIPE NCC Management was asked to implement this decision.
  • The Board approved the updated RIPE Atlas Terms and Conditions for final publication.
  • The Board discussed the “Working for the Good of the Internet” initiative, including ideas to further develop RACI and encourage entries from the MENOG community. The Board agreed to support the CrypTech project with an EUR 50,000 donation in 2015.
  • The Executive Board reviewed the GM and agreed that all future GMs will be transcribed to improve transparency and participation.
  • The RIPE NCC Executive Board approved the Draft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2015.

You can give feedback by emailing the Executive Board directly. RIPE NCC members can also discuss matters among the entire membership by emailing the Members Discuss mailing list.