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89th Executive Board Meeting - Summary and Minutes

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The draft minutes from the Executive Board meeting are now available, as are the minutes of all Executive Board meetings.

The Executive Board publishes the minutes of its meetings so that the RIPE NCC membership and the RIPE community will be up to date with the Board's thinking and ideas on all RIPE NCC-related matters.

As requested by the membership, and to provide more transparency on the discussions and decision-making processes in the Executive Board, a summary of the meetings will be announced to the membership from now on.

The following is a summary of the main items from the 89th Executive Board meeting. Further detail is available in the minutes.

  • The RIPE NCC will publish a Transparency Report that outlines all
    requests and subsequent actions from law enforcement agencies received
    in 2012. This will be published annually from now on.
  • Review of the RIPE NCC financial reserve levels, and decisions
    regarding those reserves, will take place and be made known to the
    membership as soon as discussion with the Dutch tax authorities has
  • The Board agreed that an increase to a maximum of seven RIPE NCC
    Executive Board positions would be appropriate. The Board will propose a
    resolution to change the Articles of Association to allow for this
    increase at the upcoming RIPE NCC General Meeting in October 2013.
  • The Board agreed with the RIPE NCC Senior Management's proposed
    augmentation of the Activity Plan and Budget 2014 to include labelling
    activities as "New Activity", "Expanding Activity", "Ongoing Activity",
    "Scaling Down Activity" and "Planned Ending Activity". The Board hopes
    these labels will add clarity and transparency regarding RIPE NCC
  • The Board unanimously approved a proposal for additional resources to
    be used in 2013. These are for the expansion of RIPE NCC regional
    representation and for addressing the issues associated with internal
    legacy systems.
  • The Board determined that organisations in Russia that wish to move
    address space away from ROSNIIROS should be able to do so outside of
    RIPE transfer policies.
  • The Board approved a change so that one Board member, in conjunction
    with the CFO and CEO, can authorise a transfer from deposits. The Board
    approved an update to the Treasury Statute in accordance with this decision.
  • The Board agreed to reduce RIPE Meeting fees to EUR 350 and RIPE
    Meeting Dinner ticket fees to EUR 50.

You can give feedback by emailing the Executive Board directly, and RIPE NCC members can also discuss matters among the entire membership on the members-discuss mailing list.