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13 July is Deadline to Update Pre-Nov 2011 MD5 Passwords for MNTNR Objects

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Update: This change has been applied to the RIPE Database. More information can be found in this announcement.

On 13 July 2015, the RIPE NCC will remove all pre-November 2011 maintainer passwords using MD5 hashes from the RIPE Database as a preventative security measure.

You can change your password up until 13 July here:

Approximately 27,000 maintainer passwords use MD5 hashes: 20,000 of those haven't accessed their maintainers for over a year and are considered “inactive”. The contact persons for the 7,100 active maintainers have been emailed and approximately 60% have updated their passwords.

The decision to remove these old MD5 hashes was taken in response to discussion on the RIPE Database Working Group mailing list and in close consultation with the working group co-chairs.

Locked Out of Your Maintainer?
If you are locked out of your maintainer object because you didn't update your password by 13 July, you need to reset your password using this process:

For background information on securing MD5 hashes from the RIPE Database, see: