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117th RIPE NCC Executive Board Meeting

The RIPE NCC Executive Board held its 117th Meeting on 8 June 2018.

The draft minutes of this meeting are now available.

The Executive Board publishes the minutes of its meetings so that the workings of the Board and the decisions it makes are transparent for the membership that it represents. The following is a summary of the main items from the meeting. Further details are available in the minutes.

  • The Board agreed on the functions of board members as required by the RIPE NCC Articles of Association:
    - Chairman: Nigel Titley
    - Treasurer: Remco van Mook
    - Secretary: Christian Kaufmann
    - Salam Yamout will take over ICANN liaison activities from Dmitry Burkov.
  • The Board asked the RIPE NCC to examine whether any amendments would be needed to the Articles of Association, as part of the periodic review of its corporate documents.
  • The Board approved amendments to the RIPE Networking Application Terms and Conditions.