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100th and 101st RIPE NCC Executive Board Meetings

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The RIPE NCC Executive Board held its 100th meeting on 15 May 2015 and its 101st meeting on 16 June 2015. The draft minutes of these meetings are now available.

The RIPE NCC Executive Board publishes the minutes of its meetings so that the workings of the Board and the decisions it makes are transparent for the membership that it represents.

100th Executive Board meeting summary:

The Executive Board congratulated Dmitry Burkov and János Zsakó on their election to the Board. The Board decided on the distribution of functions among themselves:

  • Nigel Titley, Chairman
  • Remco van Mook, Treasurer
  • Christian Kaufmann, Secretary
  • Dmitry Burkov, ICANN Liaison
  • Maria Häll, Member
  • Salam Yamout, Member
  • János Zsakó, Member

101st Executive Board meeting summary:

  • The Board asked the RIPE NCC to draw up a plan to manage concerns with Personal Data legislation in Russia.
  • The Board approved a rental agreement for new RIPE NCC offices in Amsterdam, which will result in a decrease in annual housing costs.
  • The Board approved the RIPE NCC expansion of the K-root network.
  • There was an update on several "Good of the Internet" proposals, including the development of the RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) to potentially become part of the Seed Alliance.
  • The Board asked for an amended arbitration procedure to be prepared for members to vote on at the next GM, to add flexibility in the case of potentially complex cases.
  • The Board asked the RIPE NCC to produce a report on the financial stress testing that was requested at the last General Meeting.
  • The Board tasked the RIPE NCC management to develop scenarios including an analysis of the current and expected customer base to see the industry sectors they belong to. The Board believes this type of analysis will allow them to better plan for the future.
  • The Board discussed items relating to the RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2016, which is currently being drafted by the RIPE NCC.

You can give feedback on the minutes by emailing the Executive Board directly. RIPE NCC members can also discuss matters among the entire membership by emailing the Members Discuss mailing list.