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RIPE NCC Member Update

The RIPE NCC Member Update provides members with up-to-date articles, statistics and news about the RIPE NCC’s services and activities. The purpose is to keep members informed about the latest developments in the RIPE NCC’s membership, coordination and Internet measurement activities.
Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: December 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- We’re Looking for our Next MD -- December Deadline for Closure Updates -- We're Revamping the RIPE NCC Academy -- Our Approach to the Cloud -- Germany Country Report -- Celebrating 10,000 RPKI Certificates -- Improved RIPEstat SEO and Sharing Link Previews -- New RIPEstat Widgets Developed by APNIC's NetOX Team -- RIPE NomCom Announced -- Call for RIPE Chair and Vice Chair is Open -- RACI: Apply Now

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: November 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- IPv4 Run-out -- RIS Live is Live -- Mail Filtering - Rethinking Our Reliance on RBLs -- Your EU Regulation Update: October 2019 Edition -- Register for Webinars -- December Deadline for Closure Updates -- What Happened at RIPE 79?

RIPE NCC Member Update: August 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- RIPE NCC General Meeting October 2019 -- Waiting List After IPv4 runout -- RPKI Test -- New RPKI Webinar -- Community Projects Fund Deadline Fast Approaching -- Policy Proposals Need Your Input

RIPE NCC Member Update: July 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- Improving our Service Management Tool (Zendesk) -- RIPE Database Release -- Release of the RPKI Validator -- RIPEstat Service Terms and Conditions -- New RIPEstat Abuse Reporting Feature in the Making -- RIPE NCC Days Kyiv, 24-25 September 2019, Kyiv -- RIPE 79: Rotterdam

RIPE NCC Member Update June 2019

-- RIPE NCC Survey Closing 30 June 2019 -- Become One of the First RIPE NCC Certified Professionals -- RPKI Webtest -- RIPEstat New UI Concept Update -- RIPE Atlas Software Probe Questionnaire -- New RIPEstat Data API Extension -- RIPE NCC Receives /12 IPv6 Allocation From IANA

RIPE NCC Member Update: April 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- Country Report: Russia -- Abuse-c Implementation Proceeding Well -- Pay it Forward by Sponsoring a Diversity Ticket for RIPE 78 -- MENOG Press Release and Report -- Results of the first RPKI Deployathon

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: May 2019

-- Your LIR Stats -- Your LIR Portal -- Abuse-c Update -- Policy Proposal 2019-02 Needs Your Input -- Accountability and Trust as a Membership Organisation -- RIPE Turns 30 -- The RIPE Chair Selection Process -- Your EU Regulation Update: May 2019 Edition -- RIPE 82 Call for Host -- RIPE NCC Presentations at RIPE 78 -- RIPE 78, Reykjavik, 20-24 May -- ENOG 16, Tbilisi, 3-4 June -- ENOG 17, 9-10 June 2020

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: March 2019

-- General Meeting (GM) and Call for Nominations to the Executive Board -- Billing and Invoicing -- Members Discuss and DMARC -- RPKI: Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) Test Environment -- RIPE Database Releases -- New RIPE Atlas Version 4 Probes -- Have You Updated Your Abuse-c Information?

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: February 2019

RIPE NCC Member Update: February 2019 It may be a short month, but it’s not a short update. This month we sent out 18,000 invoices to our members and we’re preparing to send 4,000 more to our members in Russia. Our teams have been busy developing RIPEstat while our events team is filling your calendars with exciting invitations. 1. What We’re Doing For You - Your LIR Stats - 2019 Invoicing - GM and Executive Board Nominations - Join Our Training Courses! - RIS Live Launch 2. Your Technical Update - Your RIPEstat Update - RIPE Atlas Anchors Hit 400+ - RIPE Database Release 1.93 - Time to Review Your abuse-c Information 3. Join Us for These Meetings and Events - MENOG 19 & Peering Forum - SEE 8/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting - RIPE 78 - ENOG 16 - You're Invited to Our Member Lunches - RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting, Brussels, January 2019 4. What’s Happening in Our Community? - RIPE Chair Function Description - Sponsoring a Diversity Ticket

Archived: RIPE NCC Member Update: January 2019

The member update for January 2019: - Your LIR Stats - New Homepage Features - Redistribution of Excess Member Contribution - Billing Changes in 2019 - Better geo-IP service on RIPEstat - RIPE Atlas Measurement Details Page Redesign - Join the Amsterdam RPKI Deployathon 2019 - RIPE 78