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RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2023

Publication date:
11 Nov 2022
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The Charging Scheme model is based on the principle that members pay an annual contribution (service fee) per Local Internet Registry (LIR). Members also pay additional fees for independent and legacy Internet resources. New members or additional LIR account registrations also pay an additional one-time sign-up fee alongside their annual contribution. 

The 2023 Charging Scheme was approved by the RIPE NCC membership at the May 2022 General Meeting (GM).

RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2023

An increase of EUR 150 in the 2023 annual contribution (service fee) per LIR account was approved at the May 2022 GM. This increase was in response to rising economic uncertainty, inflation, and a potential reduction in the number of paying members.

The separate charge of EUR 50 per Independent Internet Number resource assignment will be continued. Resources falling under this charge are IPv4 and IPv6 PI assignments; Anycast assignments; IPv4 and IPv6 IXP assignments; and Legacy IPv4 resource registrations through a sponsoring LIR. AS Numbers are excluded from this charge.  

Charge basis: per LIR account
Annual fee: EUR 1,550 per LIR account + (EUR 50 per Independent number resource assignment – see definition above)
Sign-up fee: EUR 1,000

Billing and Invoicing

The Independent Internet number resource information for members will be determined based on data gathered on 31 December 2022. Invoices will be sent in the first quarter of 2023. 

Legacy Internet Resource Holder Fees

The fee for Legacy Internet Resource Holders that engage in a direct agreement with the RIPE NCC is identical to the annual fee per LIR account for this year. There is no sign-up fee for Legacy Internet Resource Holders that conclude a separate direct agreement with the RIPE NCC. There is no sign-up fee for Legacy Internet Resource Holders that become members and do not request any additional Internet number resources from the RIPE NCC. If a Legacy Internet Resource Holder requests additional Internet number resources after becoming a member, the sign-up fee will be charged at this later stage, and in a way identical to that in which the membership sign-up fee is charged.