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RIPE Internet Network Numbers Template


Aug 1992

To whom it may concern,

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre now handles all requests for IP
network numbers from European organisations. Our aim is to provide a
rapid and efficient service to all European organisations. As this is
a recent initiative, procedures for handling network number requests are
in the process of being established. Therefore we apologise in advance
for any duplication of effort that may be required by you due to new
forms and templates. As the European NIC, we require different
information to that required by the US and for it to be presented in a
format which is both easy for you to complete and for us to process.
Before your application can be processed any further, you will need to
complete the enclosed templates and return them to the appropriate
organisation responsible for issuing IP network numbers. In most cases
this will be your IP service provider or the RIPE NCC. Before
completion of the template, please be sure to read the following text
and examples carefully which will guide you.

A new classless IP addressing scheme called CIDR has recently been
adopted to cope with routing table growth and address space exhaustion
problems in the Internet. Under this scheme it is beneficial for
everyone to get their network numbers allocated via their respective
IP service providers. Your IP service provider is the organisation
providing external connectivity to your network. If you are planning
to connect your network to other networks outside your organisation in
the foreseeable future we strongly urge you to get numbers allocated
from your current or prospective IP service provider. Alternatively, if
this is not likely, then you will be allocated a number from a different
part of the address space by the RIPE NCC. Please pay careful attention
to this matter.

Class A and B network numbers are a scarce resource and some
justification in terms of expected network size and structure will be
needed before such a number can be allocated. Class A numbers will only
be assigned to networks which technically need more than 65000 hosts to
be on one network number. A detailed technical justification is needed,
review takes place on a global scale and the allocation process can take
several months. Similarly due to class B scarcity, a reasonable number
of class C numbers will be assigned over class B. If you can engineer
your network to use multiple class C numbers, it is strongly advised.

This RIPE document has been obsoleted due to the RIPE NCC reaching the last /8 of IPv4 address space. Link: /publications/news/ripe-ncc-begins-to-allocate-ipv4-address-space-from-the-last-8/

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% Provider Independent (PI) Assignment Request Form

% RIPE NCC members (LIRs) and Direct Assignment Users can use this form

% to request a PI assignment. Please see "Supporting Notes for the

% Provider Independent (PI) Assignment Request Form" for instructions on

% how to complete this form.




Please note that this is contrary to earlier recommendations where it
was recommended to use Bs over multiple Cs due to routing table size
constraints. A one page document detailing the information needed by
the NCC to evaluate requests for class B numbers is available from the
NCC if it is not enclosed with this letter; this document also includes
a list of recommended reading about CIDR and address allocation in

Appended to this letter is a blank template for IP number registration,
which we would be extremely grateful if you complete and return to the
appropriate organisation responsible for issuing IP network numbers. In
most cases this will be your IP service provider. It may of course also
the End User should have a signed "End User
% Assignment Agreement" with either the sponsoring LIR or

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the
NCC. Please note that all queries should, if possible, be made through
e-mail and sent to <[email protected]>. If you do not have access to
electronic mail, then we prefer to communicate by fax rather than by
ordinary mail. You can reach us at:

Kruislaan 409 Phone: +31 20 592 5065
NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam Telefax: +31 20 592 5090
The Netherlands

If we do not hear from you in the near future we will assume that you
have contacted your IP service provider.

Yours sincerely,

The RIPE NCC staff



% Please add your RegID.

request-type: pi-ipv4

form-version: 1.3




% Who will use the requested address space?




% Is this request being sent by a sponsoring LIR on behalf of

% an End User? (Yes/No)


% If yes, please confirm that the "End User Assignment Agreement"

% contains all of the elements listed in paragraph 2.0 of "Contractual

% Requirements for Provider Independent Resource Holders in the

% RIPE NCC Service Region".(Yes/No)


% Does this End User already have address space that can be used for

% this assignment? (Yes/No)




% Why is PI address space required rather than PA address space?


% Is the End User requesting extra address space for routing and/or

% administrative reasons? (Yes/No)


% Is the End User aware of the consequences and disadvantages

% of PI address space? (Yes/No)



% As of 1 January 2010 assignments are for a period of up to 12 months.

% As of 1 July 2010 assignments are for a period of up to 9 months.

% As of 1 January 2011 assignments are for a period of up to 6 months.

% As of 1 July 2011 assignments are for a period of up to 3 months.%

% How will the End User use this address space?


% Subnet Immediate Intermediate Entire Purpose

% size (/nn) Requirement Requirement Period





% Will the End User return any address space?




% What equipment will be used and how will it use the requested

% address space?











% Please add more information if you think it will help us understand

% this request.

<add more information>



% If this request is being sent by a sponsoring LIR on behalf of

% an End User, please attach a copy of the signed "End User Assignment

% Agreement" and the company registration papers of the End User.

% You can also attach a network diagram or other supporting

% documentation.


% Have you attached any files/documents to this request? (Yes/No)




% Please complete all of the fields below.

inetnum: <leave empty>

netname: <add netname>

descr: <add End User organisation name>

country: <add country code>

org: <add org-ID>

admin-c: <add nic-handle of administrative contact>

tech-c: <add nic-handle of technical contact>



mnt-lower: RIPE-NCC-END-MNT

mnt-by: <add mntner name>

mnt-routes: <add mntner name>

mnt-domains: <add mntner name>

changed: [email protected]

source: RIPE


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