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RIPE Database Template For Persons

This document is obsoleted

What is the RIPE Database ?

RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeens) coordinates TCP/IP networking for the
research community in Europe. It operates under the auspices of RARE
(Reseaux Associees pour la Recherche Europeene).

One of the activities of RIPE is to maintain a database of European IP
networks, DNS domains and their contact persons. This database content
is public information. This supports NICs/NOCs all over Europe to
perform their respective tasks.

Each person is represented by a single database object.
Objects are described by attributes one per line separated by empty
lines. The information stored about persons "Rob Blokzijl" and
"Piet Beertema" looks like this:

person: Rob Blokzijl
address: NIKHEF section H
address: Science Park Watergraafsmeer (WCW)
address: Kruislaan 409
address: NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
address: The Netherlands
phone: +31 20 592 0413
fax-no: +31 20 592 5155
e-mail: k13 _at_ nikhef _dot_ nl
changed: dfk _at_ cwi _dot_ nl 900802
source: RIPE

person: Piet Beertema
address: CWI
address: Science Park Watergraafsmeer (WCW)
address: Kruislaan 413
address: NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
address: Netherlands
phone: +31 20 5924112
fax-no: +31 20 5924199
e-mail: piet _at_ cwi _dot_ nl
nic-hdl: PB13
changed: dfk _at_ cwi _dot_ nl 900802
source: RIPE

How to access the Database ?

The database is public. It can be accessed via a whois server
on host (tcp port 43). The whole database is also
available via anonymous ftp from as file ripe.db in
directory ripe/dbase.

How to submit information to the Database ?

Database updates should be sent via electronic mail to

auto-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net

Below you the template for person objects.
Be sure to supply a person object for each contact
person mentioned in other database objects.

Before submitting please delete all indented explanatory text from the
templates to save mail bandwidth. The text you submit should start in
column one.

Thank you for your cooperation.

RIPE Database Management

Full name.
This must be the same as the corresponding contact attributes.

Format: first names first, no commas etc.
person: John E. Doe

Postal address
Include everything necessary for paper mail to be delivered.

Format: multiple lines of text
City and post code on a single line.
Country on the last line.
address: Terabit Labs Inc.
address: Industrial Estate North
address: North Perpendicular Road 12
address: NN-1234 Northtown
address: Northern Nowhere

Multiple numbers in the desired order please (secretariats etc.).

Format: International +<country-code> <city> <subscriber>
If no direct inward dialing is available,
please append "ext." and extension number.
phone: +31 20 12334676
phone: +44 123 987654 ext. 4711
Mandatory, Multiple


see phone

Electronic mail address.

Format: Valid domain address please (if possible no !, %, ::)
e-mail: johndoe _at_ terabit-labs _dot_ nn

NIC handle. An identifier used by SRI-NIC to unambiguously refer
to Internet people.

Format: NIC format
nic-hd: JD0401
Optional but strongly suggested for those who have a NIC handle.


Format: text string
remark: RIPE coordinator Northern Nowhere

Who and when changed this last.

Format: <email-address> YYMMDD
changed: johndoe _at_ terabit-labs _dot_ nn 900401

source: RIPE
Source of the information.
This is used to separate information from different sources
kept by the same database software.

Format: RIPE

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