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Address Council Election Procedure

Call for Nominations

90 days in advance of the selection (done at a RIPE Meeting)


Candidates may present themselves at a RIPE Meeting and on the Address Policy Working Group mailing list. Others can express support on the mailing list or at the meeting


All members of the RIPE community who are present at the RIPE meeting at which the voting takes place may vote. According to the ASO MoU, staff of the RIPE NCC cannot be elected or vote.

Voting procedure

  • Secret ballot at the RIPE Meeting plenary
  • One vote per seat to fill
  • The nominee with the most votes is elected


  • Open: this procedure has been discussed within the RIPE community and is published on the RIPE website
  • Transparent: the process is known and takes place on public mailing lists and meetings
  • Simple: process is easy to understand and to implement


Hans Petter Holen
LIR-WG Chair