Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about RACI
Show or Hide answer Our research was done as a group. Will RACI sponsor more than one collaborator to come and present if our research is selected?

We are happy to have more than one person present their research together but we will only sponsor the travel, accommodation and meeting fee of one presenter. The group should select the person that will receive RACI sponsorship; the other team members will need to cover their own costs should they choose to attend.

We offer reduced rates for full-time PhD students of EUR 50 for RIPE Meetings. ENOG, MENOG and SEE meetings are free of charge.

Show or Hide answer My research was selected, but I cannot attend the meeting in person. Can I present remotely?

RIPE Meetings are a place for like-minded people to meet, interact, and share ideas and knowledge. Bringing academics to the meeting has a two-fold purpose: to let academics present their research and to allow for interaction between academics and the RIPE community. This is why we discourage remote presentations. If you are chosen as a RACI attendee but cannot attend to present in person then we would consider your proposal for the next suitable meeting.

Show or Hide answer How long do I have for my talk?

You will have 15-20 minutes to present but it can vary depending on how many RACI presenters are selected for the plenary or RIPE Working Group sessions. We will inform you of the exact duration once we have the final agenda for the meeting. Once you receive your allotted time, it is up to you to determine how long to present and how long to allow for audience questions. We recommend that you allow at least five minutes for Q&A.

Show or Hide answer At what stage in my research can I present with RACI?

You can present your research at any stage.

  • Presenting complete/published research allows you to share your conclusions with the audience.
  • Presenting your mid-research findings gives you the opportunity to ask for input on any issues you’ve encountered and engage with the audience on any early assumptions you may have.
  • If your research is at the early exploratory stage, it gives you the opportunity to use the audience as a sounding board – their input could help you find focus.

Keep in mind that your audience is predominantly comprised of technically knowledgeable and experienced network operators and engineers (though there are also non-technical attendees – from government, law enforcement, academia, etc.).

Show or Hide answer When I submit my proposal, can I submit draft slides, or should I already have the final version?

Submitting draft slides is fine. The slides should be clear and give a good overview of the research. All essential information should be present. You can, of course, still brush up the slides or add clarifying graphs/information.

Remember: the better your draft slides, the better your chances of being selected.

Show or Hide answer I currently work outside of the RIPE NCC service region. Can I still apply?

We will consider applications from outside RIPE NCC's region if your research results have specific importance and direct relevance to the RIPE NCC service region. If your application is successful, we will cover your accommodation during the meeting. You will have to arrange and pay for the flight yourself.

Show or Hide answer When will I find out if I've been selected to present?

We will inform all RACI applicants if they have been selected or not a week after the application deadline for the respective meeting.

Show or Hide answer My application has not been successful. Is there any other way for me to get involved with the community?

We offer all applicants the chance to publish their research on RIPE Labs. A lot of the publications there are academic in nature and are intended to expose research to the academic and technical community. If you would like to publish your research on RIPE Labs, please let us know.

Show or Hide answer In what language should I do my presentation?

All presentations for RIPE, MENOG and SEE meetings are in English. Submissions submitted in another language will not be considered.

For ENOG meetings, you can present in either Russian or English because a live translation service is provided at these meetings.

Show or Hide answer Are there any required templates for the presentation or required number of slides?

No. You can use whatever template you want and create as many slides as you need for your allocated time slot (max. 20 minutes).

You can also download and use the RIPE presentation templates - for PowerPoint and for Keynote.

Show or Hide answer Do you cover any daily costs (per diem) during the meeting?

No. The RIPE NCC will only cover your flight and accommodation. Daily expenses are not included. Your accommodation will include breakfast and lunch is provided throughout the meeting week free of charge. You can also attend all organised evening events, such as dinners and receptions, for free.