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Application Guidelines

RACI Research Areas

Applicants may wish to propose presentations on research in the following areas, which are discussed at RIPE Meetings:

  • Network measurement and analysis
  • IPv6 deployment
  • BGP routing
  • Network security
  • Internet governance
  • Peering and interconnection
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

However, this list is not exhaustive and the community is open to all relevant topics of interest

The Application Process

The RACI Coordination Team accepts applications year-round. If you are interested in attending a specific meeting (RIPE Meeting, ENOG, MENOG or SEE), be sure to submit your application by the deadline for that meeting.

Guidance Notes

  1. Applicants may only apply individually.
  2. All applications must be made in English unless the application is for consideration for ENOG, in this case Russian abstracts will be accepted.
  3. RACI applicants must be undergraduate or postgraduate students or researchers at a recognised, established academic organisation or institution located within the RIPE NCC Service Region (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia).
  4. RACI applicants must provide slides and an abstract (500 words max) of what they intend to present at the meeting.
  5. Proposed topics must be of interest to the RIPE community (see RACI Research Areas above).
  6. The RACI Coordination Team will review the abstracts and they will select RACI applicants at their discretion.
  7. Chosen candidates will receive a full meeting ticket for the meeting they are applying for, including all evening social events. Accommodation for the duration of the meeting and economy flights or trains to/from the candidate's home country to the meeting will also be arranged by the RIPE NCC. If a visa is necessary, applicants are responsible to make all necessary arrangements. Expenses will be reimbursed by the RIPE NCC.
  8. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to have a travel insurance for the duration of the meeting. If the applicant does not already have an annual travel insurance, the RIPE NCC shall reimburse the costs for the temporary travel insurance for the duration of the Meeting (for a maximum of EUR 30 by providing an invoice or receipt of this travel insurance). The RIPE NCC cannot be held responsible for any costs that occur for the duration of the meeting due to the lack of travel insurance.
  9. The candidate selected to attend will be informed of the scheduling of their presentation.

Privacy Terms

In order for us to be able to evaluate your application, we need you to provide us with certain information.

The submitted applications, together with all the information contained therein, will be shared with the RACI Coordination Team for their review and selection of the RACI attendees.

If you are one of the selected RACI attendees, we will use the contact details you provided to:

  • Confirm that you have been selected as a RACI attendee and communicate with you
  • Confirm your registration at the relevant meeting
  • Arrange your travel and accomodation arrangements
  • Assist in your visa application process (if required)
  • List you as one of the RACI attendees on the relevant meeting's official website and the RIPE NCC's website

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we might share your contact details with the third parties providing the services described above.

Whether or not you are selected as a RACI attendee, we will keep your name and/or other information for a period longer than the duration of the meeting you applied for. The purpose of this is to maintain an administrative record of the received RACI applications and to make it possible for us to communicate with selected RACI candidates regarding expense claim reimbursement, etc.

If you are selected to attend a meeting as a RACI attendee, your presentation slides, records and transcripts from your presentation and relevant discussions shall be published on the Meeting website and will be freely available to anyone. You indemnify the RIPE NCC of all possible or future claims of third parties regarding the content of the presentation slides.

For further details on how we process the personal information you provide, and instructions on how to access and change you information, please refer to the RIPE NCC Privacy Statement.