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Route Flap Dampening BoF

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Christian Panigl initiated a BOF on BGP route flap dampening during RIPE 26 which took place during January 1997 in Amsterdam. In effect, it was formed to supplement work done in the Routing Working Group.

The BoF discussions triggered a number of actions:

Action on Joachim Schmitz

To trigger the discussion on the mailing list of the Routing WG, which focus to choose for a future tool development project and to come to consensus on it

Action on Daniel Karrenberg/RIPE NCC

To report on the results from the route aggregation analysis on the next RIPE meeting

Action on RIPE NCC

To add a link on the RIPE web server from the Routing WG pages to the CIDR FAQ location

Action on Joachim Schmitz

To trigger database implementation of first discussion results from hierarchical authorization for route objects

Action on Joachim Schmitz

To finalise the hierarchical authorization for route objects together with the Routing WG

Action on Erik-Jan Bos

To circulate the URL of his analysis of routing table size on the mailing list

Action on Christian Panigl

To collect reasonable route flap dampening parameter values and to present them at the next RIPE meeting in the Routing WG