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RIPE NCC Law Enforcement Meeting, Moscow, Russia 31 January 2018

There was live audio translation for all meeting sessions from Russian to English and vice-versa at the meeting.

Please note, attendance at this meeting was by invitation only.


31 January 2018

10:30 Introduction
- Maxim Burtikov, RIPE NCC
11:00 How the RIPE NCC and its community can have a productive relationship with LEA
RIPE Policy Development - Abuse-c Validation
- Richard Leaning, RIPE NCC
13:00 Lunch
14:00 RIPE Database Part 1
- Gerardo Viviers, RIPE NCC
15:15 Coffee Break

RIPE Database Part 2
- Gerardo Viviers, RIPE NCC

(Note: same presentation slides delivered over the two sessions).

16:30 Q&A session


Central Scientific Research Institute for Communications