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Presenters and Moderators

Hisham Ibrahim, Chief Community Officer, RIPE NCC

Hisham Ibrahim is the Chief Community Officer at the RIPE NCC. He leads the RIPE NCC's engagement efforts to foster a dynamic, inclusive RIPE community. He is responsible for engagement with the RIPE NCC members, the RIPE community, Internet governance and training services. Hisham is active on several committees in various Network Operator Groups (NOGs), peering forums, IPv6 task forces and forums across three continents.

Gergana Petrova, Community Development Manager, RIPE NCC

Gergana Petrova is the Community Development Manager at the RIPE NCC. She helps lead the RIPE NCC's engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, including the RIPE NCC membership, the RIPE community, government, academia, civil society and other Internet stakeholders. Gergana has been working for the RIPE NCC since 2013. Originally from Bulgaria, Gergana studied in Germany before relocating to the Netherlands. Gergana has a Master’s in Business Research.

Co-Moderator, Andrea Beccalli, Stakeholder Engagement Senior Director, Europe, ICANN

Andrea joined ICANN in 2013. As a member of the Stakeholder Engagement Team, Andrea's responsibilities include working on ICANN's engagement with the European governments, Internet communities, the EU bodies, as well as the European-based IGOs.

Prior to working at ICANN, Andrea served as Policy and Advocacy Manager for the International Federation of Libraries Association and Institutions (IFLA) in The Hague, Netherlands, where he strengthened IFLA relationship with the UN systems and libraries' contribution to the UN Millennium Development Goals. He was also an Associate Expert at UNESCO's Knowledge Societies Division, Communication and Information Sector in Paris, France, where he worked at the Organization's involvement in WSIS, Internet Governance, and negotiated the 2009 partnership agreement between UNESCO and ICANN. In Spring 2012, Andrea worked in Iraq for the NGO Internews EU on a policy study on Internet and Freedom of Expression in the country.


Zoran Perović, Serbian Open Exchange (SOX)

Zoran Perović is one of the founders and the CEO of SOX,  a regional IXP, operating in 3 countries. During his 26-year-long career, Zoran managed ISP, engineering and commercial teams, and advised the Minister of Culture. Zoran also helped build national, and regional IP networks, radio links, satellite Earth stations, fibre transmission systems, TDM, and Softswitch voice exchanges, worked as a contractor for Ericsson Spain, advised on M&A in the telco market, wrote countless business plans, and strategies. He proudly served 2 terms on the Board of directors of Serbian national ccTLD, including one term as the Chair. He also held the position of ccTLD’s CEO for some time.

Co-Moderator, Vahan Hovsepyan, Community and Public Policy Officer, RIPE NCC

Vahan oversees the development of cooperation and engagement with stakeholders from the respective regions, including RIPE NCC members, governmental agencies, academic institutions, and industry development organisations.

Vahan graduated from the Armenian-Russian (Slavic) State University and completed courses in the Maastricht School of Management and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has extensive experience in working in and with industry development organisations, IXPs, and international organisations.

Jelena Ćosić, Consultant, Community Development, RIPE NCC

Jelena joined the RIPE NCC as a consultant for the South East Europe (SEE) region. As part of her role, Jelena works on supporting local communities and engaging stakeholders from the SEE region, including RIPE NCC members, governmental agencies, academic institutions and civil society organisations.

In addition to her work in the SEE region, Jelena is interested in Internet measurements and tinkering with RIPE NCC measurement tools like RIPE Atlas and RIS.

Prior to joining the RIPE NCC, Jelena worked as an Outreach Coordinator for Packet Clearing House where she mainly focused on providing support to IXPs and expanding PCH’s global infrastructure.

Christian Teuschel, Senior Technical Analyst, RIPE NCC   

Christian is responsible for the development and operation of RIPEstat, a widely used, web-based interface that provides data on Internet address space and related information for countries and hostnames. He also contributes to RIPE Atlas and other services provided by the RIPE NCC. Christian is co-author of the RIPE Document "Sources of Abuse Contact Information for Abuse Handlers" (ripe-658).

Christian is an author and contributor to several articles at RIPE Labs. Christian has been working on IT solutions in various fields for more than 15 years.

Nathalie Treneman, Routing Security Programme Manager, RIPE NCC

Nathalie Treneman is a Routing Security Programme Manager at RIPE NCC. She is also acting as a Chair of the NLNOG. She has trained over 4000 people in 64 countries on IPv6 and BGP.

Ondřej Caletka, Technical Expert, RIPE NCC 

Ondřej Caletka joined the RIPE NCC in 2020. He works as a technical expert in the Learning and Development team. One of his main responsibilities is developing and operating the lab environment for training courses and online learning.

Ondřej graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague and worked as a network services administrator and a developer for the Czech national research and education network CESNET before joining the RIPE NCC. He is also active in local IT communities around open source/free software, and acts as an IPv6 and DNSSEC ambassador, delivering talks and trainings at various events.

Michela Galante, Senior Project Coordinator, RIPE NCC

Michela Galante is a Senior Project Coordinator for the RIPE NCC, working on interdepartmental projects for different services such as RIPE Atlas, RIS, K-root and AuthDNS.

Michela represents the RIPE NCC at conferences to promote the use of technical tools such as RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat. She also collects feedback from and provides support to, the users of these services and tools.

John Todd, General Manager, Quad9

John Todd is the General Manager of Quad9. Prior to Quad9, he held positions at Packet Clearing House (PCH) which is one of the world’s largest authoritative anycast arrays, as well as at more than a dozen commercial startups focused on IP network communications. He has worked in the internet industry for 30 years, often closely aligned with DNS operations and deployment. He lives on a farm in the Pacific Northwest of North America.

Jon Flaherty, Shadowserver

Jon joined Shadowserver in 2016, bringing a range of skills and experience from UK Law Enforcement cybercrime investigation to the Foundation.

Engaging in consumer outreach, incident handling and the training of constituents in the use of Shadowserver public benefit services allows Jon the opportunity to deliver current threats and insights to all areas of the cyber community.

Of specific interest to Jon is the international liaison and with the support of key public/private sector partners, the upskilling of developing cyber regions and National CERTs to ensure the effective use and understanding of Shadowserver's bespoke datasets for a more secure internet.

Lai Yi Ohlsen, Measurement Lab

Lai Yi Ohlsen is a technologist and researcher with a background in open source tools and ecosystems, Internet Freedom, Internet measurement, digital inclusion, and open data. As a former Director and current Data Scientist at Measurement Lab, a global repository of open Internet performance data, she has guided the development of tools that enable community-centered data-collection campaigns, organised a community of interdisciplinary experts to champion and improve open Internet performance measurement and facilitated the development of best practices for the measurement of local broadband performance. Previously at eQuaitie, she supported the development of Deflect, a DDoS mitigation system for human rights and media organisations and CENO a censorship circumvention application built on peer-to-peer technologies.

Nenad Krajnović, Co-founder & CTO, SOX

Nenad Krajnović is one of the founders and the CTO at SOX. From the beginning of SOX work, he has been responsible for all technical issues and the development of SOX networks and services. Prior to his work at SOX, Nenad spent more than 20 years working at the University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering and was a leading technical person in ccTLD .RS register. As the head of the project, he was responsible for the design of dozens of telecommunication and Internet networks.

Vesna Krzman, M.Sc.E.E. Chief Advisor for QoS, Electronic Communications Department of RATEL

Vesna has worked at RATEL since 2006. She first joined the IT Department and then worked at the Electronic Communications (EC) Department, where she gained years-long experience. Currently, Vesna is responsible for the quality of electronic communication services and technical aspects of regulation for the department. Vesna is involved in Mobile networks Benchmarking projects in Serbia, the national EMF RATEL system for continuous monitoring of high-frequency electromagnetic field levels, and the RATEL NetTest application for Internet measurements. In addition, Vesna is a member of BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) expert working groups for the Open Internet and End Users.


Matthew Luckie, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Waikato

Matthew Luckie is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department at the University of Waikato. His research interests are in Internet routing, topology and security.

Žarko Kecić, CTO at the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) 

Žarko Kecić is a CTO at the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS), responsible for the stable and secure operation of the systems that enable seamless functioning of the national domain names.

Before joining RNIDS, Zarko worked on development, deployment, consulting, and scientific projects around the globe for more than two decades. He has substantial experience in planning, implementing, provisioning, and evaluating IT systems and infrastructure, helping large enterprises and government institutions build stable and secure systems and making the best use of new technologies to meet business needs and improve efficiency.

Besides operational activities, Žarko is active in domestic and international working groups, and study and evaluation teams.