Expressions of Support

James Kennedy

Name: Hervé Clément

Organisation: Orange SA

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with James during the previous in-person RIPE Meetings, which he attends actively. He has impressive experience in the field of numbering, as a former RIPE NCC employee, as an Address Policy Working Group participant (he is the author of an accepted policy proposal), and also as a member of the RIPE Database Requirements Task Force. James possesses excellent interpersonal skills and furthermore has regularly demonstrated great interest in NRO NC-related topics. For these reasons, I strongly support James’s nomination.

Name: Ron da Silva

Organisation: Network Technologies Global

I first met James Kennedy while working in the broadband cable sector. Subsequently, we found further common ground in RIPE Meetings and other related Internet fora. He is approachable, transparent and welcoming to others. He has a very calm and consistent style to his work in numbering resources, Internet policy governance and service provider economics. I think his temperament and professional expertise would be a good contribution to the ASO and strongly endorse his candidacy and nomination.