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Funding and Benefits

Students and researchers selected by RACI are awarded:

  • Free tickets to an upcoming RIPE Meeting, MENOG, CAPIF or SEE meeting, including all socials
  • Financial assistance with associated travel and accommodation

Additionally, the selected applicants will have the chance to:

  • Represent their departments and institutions within an international, open forum, attended by some of the largest and most prominent technological organisations in the world
  • Present their research at the upcoming RIPE Meeting, CAPIF, MENOG or SEE meeting
  • Receive valuable input and critique regarding their work from industry experts and attendees
  • Experience the professional networking environment with parties from a variety of nations and backgrounds, and get their perspectives on current topics of interest
  • Network with the “movers and shakers” of Internet infrastructure and governance, enhancing career and development prospects - attendees and sponsors have included some of the biggest names in related industries
  • Publish their work to the technical and Internet community at large via RIPE Labs, a public platform frequented by network operators, developers and industry experts

The RIPE community, in turn, benefits from this opportunity to engage in informed discussion with academics and prospective community members, as well as see new innovations and research from a vibrant community. This proves invaluable when shaping the future of RIPE's activities.