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Expressions of Support

You can submit an expression of support for your nominated representative by sending an email to [email protected].

In your email, please include:

  • the nominee's name
  • motivation for support
  • your name
  • your email address
  • the organisation for which you work

We will post all valid expressions of support that we receive on this website.

Hervé Clément


Nurani Nimpuno

Name: János Zsakó

Organisation: ISZT Nonprofit Kft.

Hervé has been active in the Internet governance and IP addressing policies area for many years. He is a well known and respected member of the RIPE community. He has been active in several working groups. He also often attends the meetings of other RIRs. He was appointed to the NRO NC as the RIPE NCC Executive Board representative at the end of 2017, when I was on the Board. I supported his appointment at the time, and the useful work he has done for the RIPE community since makes me support him this time too. I hope he will be able to continue his work on the NRO NC.

Name: Brajesh Jain

Organisation: Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI).

As an elected member of the NRO NC from the APNIC region, I would like to take this opportunity to support Herve’s nomination. I have found him to be very active, supporting in discussions and putting hard effort in methodically going through proceedings, minutes of meetings etc. And he is very pleasant in interactions. I believe Herve’s continuation would be helpful for the NRO NC's work.

Name: Lise Fuhr 

Organisation: European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO).

I have known Mr. Hervé Clément for several years within ETNO, as an active member of the association, and subsequently as Vice-Chair of the NANI Working Group (dealing with Numbering, Addressing and Naming Issues).

In this context, Hervé has contributed greatly to the work of ETNO, and I personally appreciate the expertise and experience which he brings to our organisation. His experience in the fields of Addressing and Naming, and therefore the fields to which both ICANN and RIPE are devoted, is highly valuable for both the association and our members, especially by way of his reports of RIPE meetings, and his activities in ASO AC.

I am confident that Hervé works in a very conscientious way, and without personal interest. For these reasons, I enthusiastically support Hervé’s application for another term on NRO NC.

Name: Clément Cavadore

Organisation: Independent / France-IX

I am Clément Cavadore, an independent Network Consultant and Vice President of France-IX Board, and I think that Hervé would be a perfect candidate for this seat.

Since he is very active in (at least) ICANN and RIPE communities, and has a very good relationships with its related communities, be it during in-person meetings, or online events, I think he would be a valuable member for the NC.

I also personally appreciate the guy, as we have been able to have very constructive discussions regarding organisational and policy stuff within RIPE community, and I am confident that he will be able to work very seriously in the NC, and maintain a good link between the communities he interacts with, if nominated.

Name: Dr. Christian Domilongo Bope

Organisation: University of Kinshasa, D.R. Congo

Mr Hervé Clément has a very good understanding of ASO AC. He has contributed significantly in AFRINIC policy discussion during face to face meetings and also via mailing lists. One of the parts which I personally appreciate the most in his contribution to AFRINIC policy discussion is his understanding of the policy and IP allocation process in the rest of the RIRs. This overall viewpoint aligns the AFRINIC policy discussion with global RIR ecosystem while keeping an African context.

Name: Filiz Yilmaz

Organisation: Subspace / current member of the NRO NC

Hervé has showed dedication to the role since his appointment, supporting the Address Council with his work and contributions that are conscientiously through out. In my experience, his contributions are always timely and constructive. His sound knowledge of Internet resource policies combined with his understanding of ICANN, its processes and procedures, enables him to represent the RIPE community successfully within this role. I highly recommend the appointment of Hervé to serve another three-year term on the NRO NC.

Name: Lousewies Van der Laan

Organisation: Transparency International Netherlands

I would like to support the nomination of Hervé Clément. We worked closely together when I served on the ICANN Board of Directors and he had just started as ASO AC councilor. I immediately appreciated how committed he was about this mission and his role. He was serious and diligent about fulfilling tasks, such as the ICANN Board election process, and the yearly ASO AC activities report. Hervé is easy to work with and has a good eye for the interest of the whole Internet community. In addition he has excellent knowledge of the ICANN ecosystem, in which he has established a good network and many excellent relations. For these reasons I warmly support Hervé’s nomination.