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The RIPE NCC Executive Board will select one individual to serve a three-year term on the NRO NC, beginning 1 January 2015.

The announcement of the board's selection will be made at the RIPE 69 Meeting in London from 3-7 November 2014.

Name of nominee:

Nurani Nimpuno

Nominee's country of residence:


Nominee's organisation or employer:


Nominee's email address:

[email protected]

Biographical information

Nurani Nimpuno is the Head of Outreach and Communications Netnod. She manages all outreach, external relations and communications, as well as all external Internet policy and Internet governance matters.

Nurani is also a member of the ISOC-SE board.

She is deeply involved with Internet policy and Internet governance issues nationally as well as globally, and works on a broader level with Internet operational matters, including Internet exchange points, DNS and DNS root servers.

Nurani has been active in the Internet community for over a decade, participating in international Internet conferences globally. She is a frequent speaker at various Internet conferences, where she talks about Internet infrastructure, interconnectivity, peering and traffic exchange, DNS, (including DNS anycast services, DNS root servers), Internet resource policy and Internet governance.

Nurani served on the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) for the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2009-2013. In 2011, she was selected as one of five representatives of the technical and academic communities to the United Nations CSTD working group on the improvement of the IGF. In this work, where she represented the technical community, she liaised and worked closely together with representatives from all stakeholder groups, including civil society, the private sector and governments. She served on the NomCom for the selection of representatives of the technical community on the IGF MAG in 2013, and the NomCom for 1Net and Netmundial committees in 2014.

She previously worked as the External Relations manager at APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region; there she worked closely with various Internet-related organisations across the region. Prior to that she worked as the Internet Address Policy manager at the RIPE NCC, the RIR for Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. In her work for these organisations, she worked with the regional technical communities to develop policies related to the management of Internet resources, such as IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and AS numbers. She also worked on educational and Internet development programs as well as outreach and capacity programs across the regions.

She has been heavily involved with education, workshops, training courses, and seminars in the Internet community worldwide.

Name of nominee
Sander Steffann

Nominee's country of residence
The Netherlands

Nominee's organisation or employer
Independent Internet Network Consultant

Nominee's email address
sander [at] steffann [dot] nl

Biographical information
Sander Steffann started working in the Internet industry in 1995, when he helped to start up Computel Standby BV. He supported Computel while he was a student at Universiteit Twente. Computel started in Apeldoorn (NL) as a small ISP, started the foundation, and has grown into a server management company with its own small datacenter.

Sander became a RIPE Address Policy Working Group chair in May 2007, mostly because he is interested in the future of the Internet and likes to participate in things he believes are important.

In March 2010 Sander started his own consultancy company. He is focused on internet infrastructure related subjects such as IPv6, routing and security. He has done consultancy projects on all levels, from advising on the technical IPv6 road map and addressing plan for a Dutch bank to hands-on deployment of new technology in ISP networks and data centres. He also gives a lot of IPv6 trainings, mostly in the Middle East for MENOG.

Specialties: All Internet related technology, including networking (service provider and enterprise), security, application development. Favourite activity is researching and implementing innovating technologies. Implementing IPv6 and dealing with the current shortage of IPv4 addresses is a main focus area in this regard.

Name of nominee
Wilfried Wöber

Nominee's country of residence

Nominee's organisation or employer
Vienna University, Central IT Services, Department: ACOnet+VIX

Nominee's email address
[email protected]

Biographical information
Born in 1951, Wilfried Wöber completed primary and secondary education in Vienna, Austria, and started studying Electrical Engineering at University of Technology (no formal degree earned). He was hired in May 1974 by TU Vienna's Computer Center for the IT Service Group in the Faculty of Physics as a software developer.

Later on, when TU Wien restructured their Computer Center setup, the ACOnet-Group was relocated to Vienna University and also started to establish the Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX).

Wilfried serves as LIR Manager for at.aconet, which was established in 1993 to manage the address pool for ACOnet, the Austrian Research, Education and School Network.

As a side-line activity, he has been teaching for some 12 years at University of Applied Sciences in Wr. Neustadt, IT technology and security for diploma and master courses.

Together with colleagues, he helped to establish the first CERT, Computer Emergency Response Team, in Austria for ACOnet; the team became a member of FIRST in due time. Other security-related activities included helping with the creation of the national team, and being invited to be on this team's advisory board. Wilfried occasionally volunteers as a trainer for TERENA's TRANSITS program.

In 2012 and 2013, he was invited to contribute to the development of the Austrian National IT-Security Strategy, which was eventually adopted by the Federal Government.

Activities related to ICANN:
Wilfried has been on the Address Council (AC) since the establishment of this body within ICANN, initially elected by the RIPE community and later (due to formal changes in the MoU with ICANN) selected by the RIPE NCC Executive Board.

He served two consecutive terms on ICANN's Nomination Committee for the ASO and was the AC's delegate for RT4: the "whois Policy Review Team", established under the Affirmation of Committments between ICANN and the US Government.

Motivation for Nomination:
I am convinced that being actively involved in the Address Council, and also giving back to the Internet Community, is a good thing in itself, and it helps with guiding ICANN to stay on track, I hope.

While the AC-related activities now and then are somewhat more time-consuming than should be expected, it is still a rewarding experience. I am prepared to contribute, as best as I can, for one more term.

Last but not least, I enjoy working within this group of professionals in the AC, within the mandate of the ASO (as set out in the MoU between the NRO and ICANN), and in support of the global policy development process(es).

I do have management support from my University to continue with this activity.