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NRO NC Nomination Process

Any individual residing within the RIPE NCC service region is eligible for nomination, except Regional Internet Registry (RIR) staff members. Self-nominations are permitted.

The representative will be selected by the RIPE NCC Executive Board through a method of its choosing.

All nominations must be submitted in English to [email protected] and must include:

  • Name of nominee
  • Country of residence
  • Organisation or employer
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Biographical information
  • Motivation for nomination
  • Name of nominating individual
  • Nominator's organisation or employer
  • Nominator's email address

All nominees will be contacted by email to confirm their nomination to the NRO NC. If a nominee cannot be contacted via email, or does not respond to emails sent by the RIPE NCC, their nomination will be rejected.

All confirmed nominations will be listed on the RIPE NCC website by 7 October 2011.

All nominees may submit a written statement in support of their nomination for publication on the RIPE NCC website.

Other individuals may express support for nominated individuals by sending an email to: [email protected]

Election Process

Every third year, the RIPE NCC representative is chosen by the RIPE NCC Executive Board from the list of people brought forward in the nomination process. This is the process that will be followed this year.

The outcome of the Executive Board's decision will be announced on 4 November at the RIPE 63 Meeting, held in Vienna, Austria, 31 October-4 November 2011.