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RIPE Task Forces Explained

A RIPE Task Force (TF) is a focused group of community members that works towards a specific outcome, has a defined timeframe, and must disband once its work is completed. Unlike a working group, which can continue for as long as there is interest in a topic, a TF usually has a much shorter lifespan. A Task Force usually starts with a call for volunteers, and the first step once the TF has formed is to appoint a chair.

Getting started: As a newcomer, joining a task force is really just a matter of volunteering when a call is made and then contributing to the work once it gets underway. Task Forces will often seek input from the wider community (such as asking for feedback on a draft document), so you can also contribute this way. 

The Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) Task Force is something of an anomaly among task forces, as it is quite open ended and almost like a small working group. Its goal is to describe and publish current operational practices. We mention it here because it is open to participation and might be an interesting place for newcomers to start.