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Previous RIPE Chairs

The RIPE Chair Role

The role of the RIPE Chair has evolved from 1989 until the present time. However the function of the RIPE Chair remains unchanged – "The RIPE chair ensures that the RIPE community functions well." (ripe-714)

Robert Blokzijl was the first RIPE Chair, holding the position from the founding of RIPE in 1989 for 25 years, until he stepped down in May 2014. He subsequently held the title of RIPE Chair Emeritus until his death in 2015.

Hans Petter Holen was RIPE Chair from May 2014 until August 2020, when he handed over the role to Mirjam Kühne as Chair and Niall O'Reilly as Vice Chair. He has since been appointed the Managing Director of the RIPE NCC.

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    Hans Petter Holen

    Hans Petter Holen was appointed RIPE Chair at RIPE 68 in Warsaw, Poland.

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    RIPE Chair Emeritus

    Robert "Rob" Blokzijl was a founding member of Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE), the European open forum for IP networking.

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