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DRAFT: RIPE Chair Function Description


  • Ensure the functioning of the RIPE community
  • Maintain ultimate authority over RIPE Meetings:
    • Approve dates of the RIPE Meetings in cooperation with the RIPE NCC
    • Approve the RIPE Meeting location in cooperation with the RIPE NCC
    • Approve the RIPE Meeting venue in cooperation with the RIPE NCC
    • Setting the meeting agenda
    • Oversee the admission rules, regulations and fees
  • Head the RIPE Working Group Collective and be ultimately responsible for decisions made by this group
  • Ensure timely delivery of RIPE Working Group session agendas for RIPE Meetings
  • Offer advice and insights as RIPE Chair to the RIPE community, Internet communities at large and relevant stakeholders on technical, political and administrative issues relating to RIPE
  • Providing a strategic level of thinking, the Chair communicates with WG Chairs and Internet community members to maintain a knowledgeable understanding of topical issues
  • In maintaining neutrality, the RIPE Chair holds no voting rights in elections but may be called to provide guidance and, where necessary, declare consensus on specific community discussions or issues


  • Represent the mission and interests of RIPE at industry meetings and in RIPE NCC Executive Board meetings as RIPE's primary public figure
  • Maintain overall responsibility of the RIPE Meetings
  • Attend all RIPE Meetings where possible
  • Attend, in collaboration with the RIPE NCC, other Internet industry meetings (i.e. RIPE NCC Regionals, RIR, ICANN, IETF, etc.)
  • Chair the RIPE Meetings and the RIPE Working Group Collective meetings
  • Set the RIPE Meeting agenda in cooperation with the RIPE Programme Committee and the WG Chair Collective
  • Call special meetings of the WG Collective when necessary
  • Be aware of and participate in discussions on various RIPE mailing lists, in particular the [email protected]
  • Chair other industry fora meetings when requested by the RIPE NCC or by the RIPE community
  • Be involved with the strategic planning of RIPE-related events and ensure that the activities are in accordance with RIPE's mission
  • Moderate in RIPE community-related conflicts
  • Declare consensus on proposals and issues where needed
  • Support and promote the RIPE Policy Development Process
  • Be comfortable networking and navigating through community relations
  • Be able to work with a wide range of individuals

Term duration:

The duration of this role is five years after which the exiting Chair may choose to place him/herself up for reelection in the pool of qualifying candidates.

RIPE NCC support:

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) acts as the secretariat for RIPE, which includes technical and administrative support. It also provides financial support to the RIPE Chair for travel and accommodation