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Update on Court Proceedings Between RIPE NCC and State of the Netherlands


The RIPE NCC appeared in court on 29 November 2012 after it filed a summons against the state of the Netherlands following a police order it received on 8 November 2011 to temporarily "lock" registrations in the RIPE Database. The RIPE NCC filed the summons because it wants the Dutch court to clarify what the RIPE NCC's obligations are for such orders in the future.

After the RIPE NCC and the Dutch police pleaded their cases, the judge asked both parties to work out an agreement on how to handle such cases in the future and to report back in four weeks. If no agreement is reached, the judge will announce a verdict on 30 January 2013.

For background on this story, see: Summons of the RIPE NCC Against the State of the Netherlands.