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Update 14 June (13:35 UTC): Reverse DNS Services Outage


As of 13:00 UTC on Thursday, 14 June 2012 the zones listed in the previous update have been restored to the state of 13:30 UTC, Wednesday, 13 June 2012. So all zones we maintain are now available and zones in the list are no longer special. There may be a very few ERX zones maintained by other RIRs that are still not fully restored.

The update has been posted online at:

All updates since 13:30 UTC yesterday are still pending and are not reflected in the zones. However, no updates were lost. Any updates you will submit or you have already submitted will eventually be reflected in the zones once we complete our restoration procedure.

Next actions: We will now create up-to-date zones that include all the updates since yesterday 13:30 UTC. We will also recreate all ERX zones with current data. We expect to complete this by this evening. Once that is complete, we will re-enable regular provisioning and everything will be back to normal.

If you experience any abnormal responses beyond the residual inconsistencies described here, please let us know at [email protected] with as much detail as possible.