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Single Sign-On for the RIPE Database

ripe database news announcement

The RIPE NCC is pleased to announce RIPE Database release 1.72.

A major feature introduced in this release is the integration of RIPE Database services with RIPE NCC Access. This gives maintainers the option to use their RIPE NCC Access account for authorising updates to the RIPE Database. The first applications that utilise this feature are Webupdates and Syncupdates from a web form. The existing authorisation methods also remain in place.

Extending the RIPE NCC Access Single Sign-On (SSO) capability to allow authenticated updates to data in the RIPE Database means users can perform several operations using RIPE NCC services with a single sign-in. Linking a RIPE NCC Access account to an organisation is a requirement for certifying PI address space. This release also fixes a number of known issues, which are outlined in the release notes.

More details on this release are available in the RIPE Labs article.