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RIRs Submit Remarks to ITU WTPF-13

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The document, entitled "Input to the WTPF-13 from the Regional Internet Registries", addresses a range of issues that will be discussed at the upcoming ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum 2013 (WTPF-13).

In mid-April, various RIPE community members gave feedback on a draft of this document. It was updated ahead of its official submission and now includes more detailed information to address some of the opinions discussed by the Informal Expert Group (IEG) that was convened in preparation for the WTPF-13.

An annex has been added outlining the efforts of the five RIRs to support the deployment of IPv6 and IPv6 capacity building.

Representatives of all five RIRs will be present at WTPF-13 and, as always, are available for consultation on any of the points raised in this document, as well as any other aspects of RIR business.

RIPE community members are encouraged to comment or raise questions on the RIPE Cooperation Working Group mailing list.