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RIPE NCC Intends to Seek Clarification from Dutch Court on Police Order to Temporarily Lock Registration


The RIPE NCC intends to take the Dutch public prosecutor to court over a police order it received on 8 November 2011 to lock a registration of four IP address blocks in the RIPE Registry until 22 March 2012.

Read: RIPE NCC Blocks Registration in RIPE Registry Following Order from Dutch Police

You can download a copy of the police order.

The RIPE NCC is receiving independent legal advice and is in discussion with the appropriate authorities. It is the intention of the RIPE NCC to pursue this matter further in Dutch court to establish a precedent so that it is certain of its rights regarding such orders.

In the interest of transparency, the RIPE NCC is working on full disclosure of the background documents. The RIPE NCC will update the community if and when any other publishable materials become available.

The RIPE NCC is committed to acting in the best interest of its membership and will continue to inform the Internet community on this matter as it progresses.

The RIPE NCC has not withdrawn, removed or reclaimed the address blocks in question; it has temporarily locked a registration of address blocks.