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RIPE NCC Survey 2016 - Key Findings and Proposed Actions

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The RIPE NCC Survey 2016 was conducted in May and June. Over 4,300 RIPE NCC members and other interested parties took the time to participate and let us know their views on how the RIPE NCC is performing and the direction it should be taking in the years ahead. We are extremely grateful to all those who took the time to give their input. 

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) analysed the survey data and published a detailed report with key findings in October 2016. We examined these findings and we now propose a number of action areas to address the issues brought up in the survey.

A list of all 40 key findings and the actions proposed by the RIPE NCC is now online.

The list provides an outline of actions we propose to take, but it should be noted that work continues in all areas. We will also periodically review the list and make adjustments if necessary. In 2017, we will update the relevant webpage with the outcomes of the actions taken by the RIPE NCC in each area.

You are welcome to comment on the findings and proposed actions by emailing the RIPE NCC.