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RIPE NCC Remote Route Collector Deployed at German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX)


The RIPE NCC is pleased to announce that the RIS Project's twelth* Remote Route Collector, RRC12, is now ready to peer with members at the German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX).

RRC12 is located at the German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), and has been operational since July 2004. The RRC has an interface on the shared DE-CIX fabric, running both IPv4 and IPv6, and collects routing information from all exchange members, who are willing to peer with us.

The use of TCP MD5 Signatures on IPv4 BGP sessions is supported on all RIS Route Collectors. MD5, however, is not supported on IPv6 sessions.


Peering Requests:

The Routing Information Service (RIS), which started as a modest RIPE NCC project in 1999, has gradually grown to over 300 IPv4 and IPv6 peers at now twelve* data collection points in Europe, Japan and North America. Our mission is to collect BGP routing information over
a function of time, and make it available to the Internet community.

In essence, this means devising tools that can help ISPs debug problems over time without being limited to one BGP view and providing RIS raw data regarding the Internet's historical

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Please send your comments to <[email protected]>

* RRC09 has been decommissioned